Clos du Temple 2020: an exceptional vintage for a timeless wine

Clos du Temple 2020: an exceptional vintage for a timeless wine

Voted best rosé wine in the world by The Drinks Business magazine for its 2019 vintage, the 2020 vintage of Clos du Temple promises to be just as exceptional.

The Clos du Temple is a wine of emotion, remarkable in its strength and humility, created to sublimate the most beautiful moments of life, weddings, births and other celebrations marking our existence.

Like a hidden treasure, its intimate vineyard of only 8 hectares of old vines is surrounded, as if enveloped by the natural relief and wild vegetation of the Cabrières.

The vines, cultivated according to the principles of Biodynamics, deliver all their potential aromas and flavours, and offer an incomparable character.

Like a work of art, Clos du Temple is contained in an extraordinary bottle with a strong symbolic dimension, each bottle is presented in a unique case.

In this magnificent video presentation of the estate, Gérard Bertrand invites you to discover the atmosphere of this isolated and timeless place.



Clos du Temple 2020
AB / Demeter certified

Unbeatable, designed to make a lasting impression, Clos du Temple represents the quintessence of rosé wine.

The balance is perfect, the flavours are deep, fresh and mineral, with a long finish.

Its colour is salmon and crystal clear, its nose complex and delicate.

Served and enjoyed chilled, ideally at 10°C, this iconic wine is a perfect accompaniment to lobster or scallops.



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