Gérard Bertrand has been committed to biodynamics at Cigalus since 2002. This culture allows to reinforce the balance of the vine and its environment

A Languedoc vineyard in excellent health

Convinced very early on that viticulture in harmony with nature is the best way to reveal the typicity of a terroir and to elaborate Great Wines, Gérard Bertrand has been committed since 2002 to the path of biodynamic viticulture at Cigalus. This culture allows to reinforce the balance of the vine and its environment. It reinforces the quality approach he began nearly 30 years ago. Today, within the group, 300 people work there to reveal the Great Wines of this region. A vineyard in excellent health, a preserved environment and magnified wines demonstrate the relevance of the approach.

The Clos D'Ora, emblematic symbol

Some plots have been identified with a unique potential revealing the particular history of the place and the age of an exceptional terroir. They are recognized as Grands Crus of the South of France. The Hospitalitas, La Forge, Le Viala and LAigle Royal' are among the nuggets of the collection with as emblematic symbol: Le Clos d'Ora.

In 2012, the first vintage was vinified in a humble setting on the heights of La Livinière. The Syrah and Carignan grapes come essentially from very old vines. The Mourvèdre and Grenache were planted in 2000.

The Clos D'Orais a wine of memory, very identity. Its message: PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY.