Melody Gardot, born February 2, 1985 in the state of New Jersey, USA, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Her debut album, Worrisome Heart, was released in 2006 and re-released by Verve Records in 2008.

Gérard Bertrand: We have the pleasure and the privilege to welcome tonight the international star Melody Gardot who performed last year on stage at Château l'Hospitalet and who is in Paris tonight. How's it going Melody?

Melody Gardot: I'm fine thanks, how are you? I think you're doing better than I am.

Gérard Bertrand: We're fine because Chef Laurent Chabert is in great shape. He reopened the kitchens last week after three months of confinement and he prepared some great dishes for us this evening and he's become a music lover ever since. It's the ninth Food Wine & Music evening tonight, so since then he's been inspired, he's been making dishes, he's been creating all the time. What are we going to eat tonight Chef?

Chef Laurent Chabert: So tonight we're going to eat, we revisited the stuffed tomato, so it's completely vegetal, with stuffed tomatoes inside the tomatoes of all colours, a little feta cheese that we brought back from Greece and then a lot of herbs from the garden, especially basil, and I'm going to decorate that, then I worked on the capon because Michel Fugain talked about it last week and I said to myself, it's true, I forgot about that fish.

Gérard Bertrand: Do you know what capon is?

Melody Gardot: Yes

Gérard Bertrand: There are two capons, there's a capon which is a poultry and then there's the fish which is called the capon.

Melody Gardot: I didn't know.

Gérard Bertrand: Where does he come from? From the Mediterranean?

Chef Laurent Chabert : Like a big scorpion fish in fact and it's red so of course it comes from the Mediterranean so we worked with a soup reduction juice in fact is a potato a little celery a little wild fennel that we found in La Clape and then we'll finish with the Carabineros shrimp, one of my signature dishes with tortellinis in sheep's bush and with a lot of grass and a little tomato sauce well reduced.

Gérard Bertrand: You have to go to work, I'm going to have a drink with Melody.

Melody Gardot: That's the least we can do is consider the fact that I can't eat.

Gérard Bertrand: As you can't eat, we're going to taste the Gris Blanc la cuvée 2019, to your health Melody!

Melody Gardot: I love glasses that don't have feet because often with a lot of people at home once you've had a lot to drink, the foot becomes dangerous, so I drink from glasses like this, I smell first. And we toast from a distance Chin!

Gérard Bertrand: Chin! I remember that last year you loved rosés and you know that tomorrow is a special day because it's World Rosé Day so tonight to celebrate that we're going to have three rosés tonight we're going to start with the Gris Blanc and then we're going to have the one behind you, so the Joy's and we're going to finish with the Clos du Temple.

Melody Gardot: It's true that last year I remember that everyone who came to the Château, it was the pink theme?

Gérard Bertrand: It was to celebrate the Melody Gardot evening when we made a good offer for the bouquets of roses. We can say some worlds in english, because some people follow us from the U.S.A. and U.K. and you are from U.S.A. from the east coast, yes ?

Melody Gardot: Yes, from Philadelphia.

Gérard Bertrand: Philadelphia is close to Harrisburg.

Melody Gardot: No,it is actually strangely closer to NY city than Harrisburg.

Gérard Bertrand: But it is in Pennsylvania?

Melody Gardot : Philadelphia is like 2 hours from N.Y. city

Gérard Bertrand: When you speak in French, you have a French accent, and when you speak in English you immediately end up with an American accent, do you realise that or not?

Melody Gardot: Oh yes, I made a huge effort to speak with as little accent as possible.

Gérard Bertrand: You've got Welsh roots, haven't you?

Melody Gardot: I would say Austrian and Hungarian.

Gérard Bertrand: Now we can say you're more Parisian than American, because you live in Paris?

Melody Gardot: Yes and no, I stay international, it's necessary to go left to right but what I like though is that the decision to spend a little more time sometimes it gives me a good feeling. It was by chance but I find myself confined here like everyone else and soon I'm going back to see my family my friends my mother in the United States. I love this city, that's not a problem and we have the best wine right next door thanks to you.

Gérard Bertrand: And as far as music's concerned, is Paris better for you than working in the States or does it matter where you are?

Melody Gardot: For the kinds of music I make, we're often in Los Angeles because my crew is there. There's a great place in the south of France that I haven't had the pleasure of recording the album yet, it's called La Fabrique. The truth is that you depend on microphones that come from 1950 ingredients that help us to make the best quality of music so we mainly find this stuff in Los Angeles and just by chance there's my friend who got a lot of equipment that also exists in France.

Gérard Bertrand: So I'm going to show you because the chef is ready for the first course, so Chef, what are we going to eat here?

Chef Laurent Chabert: The tomato, that's it, it doesn't really look like a fârsîs tomato as we used to find it at home but inside it's completely vegetal, a chinese one of coloured tomatoes the feta, then the leaves and nasturtium flowers of fried basil leaves.

Gérard Bertrand: I want to taste melody I'm sorry with the rosé, it's perfect à la votre Melody. I've got a little surprise for you because last year you were so spellbinding on the one everyone's been telling me about you. Your concert at the hospital was really extraordinary and in July last year we're going to watch a little piece again right away if that suits you.

Musical Moment

Gérard Bertrand: So that brings back good memories?

Melody Gardot: She was kind of my godmother in jazz music with her lessons on a performance of this song with Allen Broadbent, the pianist who made the arrangements adapted to put it on stage.

Gérard Bertrand: You're very moved, what did it feel like to play in the middle of the vines? Melody was it the first time?

Melody Gardot: Yes, it's the first time, but I found it so beautiful, that I had spoken with Gérard just afterwards because the invitation to come to a vineyard to play, for me it felt like it could be something huge because we have all these emotions. I loved it!

Gérard Bertrand: It was a great moment for us and then I remember we drank two, three glasses of rosé after the concert it was very nice and people were jealous because he said you see one more glass with Melody and we are waiting for you to arrive so I thank you again because we drank Château La Sauvageonne and it was a very good moment so you know that this year we are going to do the 17th edition of the festival We've waited until the last moment and we're going to make the program official today so we're very happy because instead of doing five days we're going to do six days because we've reduced the number of people to keep some distance so we'll have two Patrick Bruel nights and then we'll have Kimberose, who has an extraordinary voice and she's a young French girl who won a gold record last year and then we'll have Christophe Maé that you know on July 25th and we're going to finish with Jean Baptiste Guégan so it's great because for me it's the most beautiful week of the year because when we make the link between wine and gastronomy and music and everybody vibrates together like that we say that you don't have a communion of spirit it's a common spirit and I know that for you it's very important to be connected like that.

Melody Gardot: Yeah I totally agree and I admire the fact that you have found solutions to continue despite the circumstances, that's very important. It just so happens that there is a deafening silence in the art in the music so the cooking in the gastronomy, in the culture ... total! And we have to find a way to play a little with these rules that we have in front of us because they just put something that is totally out of context that it is not at all natural. For people who are greedy for example a good wine, a good meal, it's the most important yet it's love is not what we were talking about there it's the art of cooking the art of wine the art of music all seem you make a program like that and then you make the welcome and everybody comes to your house to participate in this feeling.

Gérard Bertrand: Exactly! So we're going to taste Joy's, which is the second wine, the source of Joy, that's it ! We have to celebrate Joy's, so it's a wine which is an AOP Languedoc and Organic, all these wines are available in our online shop on I'm very happy because you didn't actually taste this one last year because they weren't available yet it was a market we made at the beginning for the American market that we've now launched worldwide and Joy's, source au Joy's I think it's very pretty because we want to dive into a fresh spring. Cheers !

Melody Gardot: I love it! So cheers and bravo, congratulations.

Gérard Bertrand: So what are we going to take the Chief with that?

Chef Laurent Chabert: Here the capon, I just grilled in a pan with olive oil a little bit of wild fennel from the celery of fennel and a potato that were cooked in the soup then we have a celery rust so with saffron with garlic and I added an orange condiment that will go very well with the soup, it's not really a soup, it's a juice reduction.

Gérard Bertrand: Did you see the chef's creativity? It's quite extraordinary, I'm impressed every time I come to the kitchen on Fridays. The team is complete, there are fifteen people in the kitchen because we've gone back to work, so the chef is creating for us, but he has 70 covers tonight.

Tasting moment.

Gérard Bertrand : You will be welcome this summer to drink rosé and white with us and enjoy yourself. So tell me, we talked a bit about your activity since you've launched a big project. Can you tell us a word about the project you've just launched around love in Paris because it's quite exceptional what you've just done. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Melody Gardot: I just spoke in my mind that this deafening silence, I decided to find ways to continue despite, it just so happens that I'm used to spend most of the time with musicians at the base that they come from the United States, we were supposed to do a collaboration with an orchestra and a week before the lockdown it was clear on and certain that everything was slowed down. After a month, I know I can have a solution, an idea and I thought we'll try to break the silence. So we decided to do global casting worldwide as it's digital worldwide. I'm explaining because it's very complicated. In fact we put music and the participants on my site, the arrangement was redone for this trial because it's very difficult so the arrangement is totally changed adapted for this way of recording and finally we had received incredibly many, and now a final of five people who come from all over the world, we put the pieces together. It's just that the sound seems almost the same as if we were in a studio and it's because already the five people confined each of them recording and we married all this music together, and it's going to be released next Friday the 19th of June with a video clip as well.

Gérard Bertrand: So you're going to play music and you're going to sing on this track too?

Melody Gardot: In the song I sing the song I wrote called From Paris with love. And we thought it was perfect just because I was confined to Paris, so the only message I can send out on the planet is "I love you from Paris. "So I'm singing with Anthony Wilson, he's a huge jazz guitarist and my usual band they're a trio and then all the other musicians come from all over the world, so that means I don't even know these people.

Gérard Bertrand: So we're going to be able to follow that on your official Instagram MelodyGardotOfficial, and I understand that there's a 17 year old who's going to participate too.

Melody Gardot: What's very interesting is that we launched this project, I decided to do it with my team and with the help of Universal, the studios are closed, we can't do anything anymore, it's dangerous and they are athletes, if you don't have what it takes to practice free connected feel the overall vibrations then that's something also to inspire people and so all these people who came, there was a lady a little 17 year old girl who came from near Paris who was so incredible that now she's also in my project, I'm going to put her little clip in my Instagram soon. It's cool!

Gérard Bertrand: So Melody, the chef is ready for the third course but before we taste it, I'd like to introduce you to the Clos du Temps, which you know because we're going to taste it, the last rosé of the evening. We're very happy because the Clos du Templewine was elected last week by the Global Rose Master as their best rosé in the world in England by a magazine called Drink Business, so Chef, we can toast together and Chef, what do you want to drink this rosé with?

Chef Laurent Chabert : So what I did was the Carabineros shrimp which was just cooked at a low temperature so we are at 48 degrees so that it remains very soft the bush tortellinis which next to Carcassonne a reduction of tomatoes that we made stewed on the barbecue at first and then really reduced and small herbs.

Gérard Bertrand: It's magnificent! Can I taste Chef?

Chef Laurent Chabert : Treat yourself!

Gérard Bertrand: I'm going to start with the tortellinis, I should have been at the Michelin Guide to do the blind tastings. And so that's the Carabineros shrimp that comes from Palamos in Spain. So by the time Melody Gardot finds her phone charger, I'm enjoying it, Chef, great job!

Melody Gardot: I didn't know it was voted best, at least if it had a description: "I didn't know itw as the best or nothing, I just love it, it is fantastic".

Gérard Bertrand: I like your accent from Philadelphia.

Melody Gardot: Thak you very much, forget about it!

Gérard Bertrand: You remember Philadelphia as the sound from Bruce Springsteen, itw as a great song.

Melody Gardot: Streets of Philadelphia.

Gérard Bertrand: Go ahead, you can make us three notes if you want on Streets of Philadelphia. I had the chance to have dinner next to him because I'm very good friends with Jonh Bon Jovi because, you know, we did a rosé together in the States. It was a special moment because he's telling himself rockstar stories and so I was listening because it was a good moment and the two of them had a glass of rosé like that in a small restaurant in New York, it was a little moment out of time like that. Melody, we're going to wish you a great summer, we're going to send you an invitation to come to the jazz festival, not to sing.

Melody Gardot: With pleasure!

Gérard Bertrand: But to come and spend two or three days with us because we have a lot of programs, we visit the vineyards, we walk around and then we're going to party and everyone needs it, it's not love from Paris but from L'Hospitalet tonight here we are and we tell you to come and spend a good weekend soon.

Melody Gardot: I hope so, thank you and congratulations!

Gérard Bertrand: Thank you, chao!

clos du temple 2019 organic biodynamic wine best rose in the world languedoc Cabrières
clos du temple 2019 organic biodynamic wine best rose in the world languedoc Cabrières
Clos du Temple 2019
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