Château de Villemajou

AOP Corbières - AOP Corbières Boutenac

Château de Villemajou

The wines of the estate

La Forge 2014 - Grands Formats
AOP Corbières-Boutenac
From 460.00 €
La Forge 2012 Magnum
AOP Corbières-Boutenac
  129.00 €
La Forge 2019
AOP Corbières-Boutenac
  47.00 €
Chateau de villemajou grand vin red 2016 2 etoiles guide hachette des vins
Château de Villemajou Grand Vin Rouge 2017
AOP Corbières-Boutenac
  25.00 €
Domaine de Villemajou red 2019
AOP Corbières Boutenac
  17.00 €
domaine de villemajou rosé 2019 corbieres wine bio biodynamic wine
Domaine de Villemajou rosé 2020
AOP Corbières
  17.00 €
Domaine de Villemajou Blanc 2019
AOP Corbières
  17.00 €

"The land of Villemajou lulls my childhood memories.
I understood the emotional dimension that a winegrower can feel for
his vineyard. Villemajou is the yardstick, the barometer of our wines.
I love this wine as an offering that my father gave me,
a link between past, present and future. »

The History

“ The terroir of Villemajou cradles my childhood memories. Here, I understood the strength of emotional attachment that the winegrower can feel for his vines. Villemajou is the yardstick, the barometer of our wines. I have a deep love for this wine because it is a gift given to me by my father, a bond that links the past, the present and the future. "

Character & Nature

In Corbières, the terroir is as rugged as the hills are round, exposed to the winds and the arid climate. In the heart of the Boutenac Cru, the terroir of Villemajou is characterized by its soils, composed of round pebbles and blocks of limestone that were carried and polished by the glacial rivers that once swept down from the Pyrenees, resting on a subsoil of clay and sandstone. This unique and homogenous soil nourishes Carignan vines that are at least 100 years old. Head training of these bush vines has enabled them to reach this venerable age, forcing them to plunge their roots deep into the earth in search of moisture and the strength to resist the wind. As a result, they produce fruit of unparalleled concentration and balance. Here, like nowhere else, the Mediterranean blends of Villemajou reveal the magnitude of their generosity and elegance, as much so in the red wines as in the whites. In the reds, all the beauty of Carignan is revealed in its characteristic harmony, the softness of its tannins, its freshness on the palate, and the power of the concentrated juices from its old vines. In complement, old vine Grenache, Syrah and, more recently, Mourvèdre, add the complexity that is the cornerstone of the Grand Vin and responsible for its unique character. Each grape variety and each plot are vinified separately, and then blended in January, followed by 12 months of aging in French oak barrels. After being bottled the wine lies quietly in our cellars for several months before being shared with our clients.



The signature of Villemajou wines, both red and white, is the concentration of their grapes, which gives the wines a unique density and velvety texture. Under the warm generosity of the rolled pebbles, however, the vines draw treasures of freshness and elegance from the clay and sandstone soil.  

The full measure of Carignan’s potential is revealed in the juices of these old vines. The nose evokes the warmth of a leather armchair comfortably installed in front of the fire, crackling with spicy, oaky notes and vanilla, on a bed of black fruit. The palate is full bodied, with velvety tannins, and complex aromas of blackberry and salted plum intermingled with thyme, laurel and English rose. Fragrantly refined notes of coffee and vanilla bourbon appear in retroolfaction. The finish is long and emphatic, carried by the freshness of licorice and lightly toasted notes.

The white Villemajou Grand Vin, a blend of Grenache, Roussanne, Marsanne, is aged in stainless steel in the case of the first two varietals, and in oak for the latter. Evidence of the generosity of this typically Mediterranean blend lies in its rich array of citrus aromas, from lime to bergamot, with hints of bitter orange blossom, complemented by delicious toasted, buttery notes on the nose. The mouth is full and enveloping, with a refreshing touch of acidity on the finish. This finely balanced opulence allows it to be enjoyed while young or to be cellared for a few years to develop in complexity, when it will reveal mellow notes of sweet spices.

Delicious Villemajou...

Château de Villemajou"Genesis."

n.m. (lat. Villa Major: la Grande Maison), cradle of a Great Adventure of strength and gentleness.