A wine of light to accompany the arrival of spring

A wine of light to accompany the arrival of spring

Spring: season of life and love

We are out of winter... The day is gaining ground on the night, the sun is more present and a whole universe of plants and animals is waking up.

Outside, the birds are singing again. In the vineyard, the buds appear and a new life cycle begins.

With spring and the arrival of the beautiful days, the beginning of the aperitifs and the meals outside.

During this period of return to life, what more appropriate wine than Orange Gold, a luminous, fine and subtle wine whose origins go back to the very genesis of viticulture!


Orange Gold

Floral, complex and greedy while offering a very beautiful freshness, its golden and luminous dress invites to the tasting, for our greatest pleasure.

Conceived from an ancestral method of wine making, Orange Gold is an atypical wine that is unlike any other!



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