Solar 6, Organic and Beefriendly wines are winners of the LSA Organic Growth Awards

Solar 6, Organic and Beefriendly wines are winners of the LSA Organic Growth Awards
The Solar6 wines reflect Gérard Bertrand's commitment to the winegrowers of the Cévennes PGI who are committed to protecting biodiversity and pollinators
Solar6 wines are produced from the terroirs of the Cévennes. They are available in white (Chardonnay), rosé (Grenache) and red (Syrah) and are available nationally and in Europe in both general and specialist distribution.
These wines are the fruit of a collective approach initiated by Gérard Bertrand and Cévennes winegrowers committed to biodiversity and sustainable viticulture that respects pollinating insects.
In addition to organic viticulture, the partner winemakers seek to have a positive impact on their environment. In compliance with the BeeFriendly label, they adopt good practices:
- Planting trees in the vicinity to provide shelter for birds and bats and to prevent soil erosion
- They do not use any toxic products - They are doubly labelled AB and BeeFriendly The collective is thinking bigger and has set up an Economic and Environmental Interest Grouping Abeilles, Arbres Rivières des Cévennes en Vigne (GIEE AARC en Vigne) to transform the Cévennes region into a Valley of Bees.
- An approach initiated by Gérard Bertrand in collaboration with 4 cooperative cellars in the Cévennes: the Cave de Durfort, Les Vignerons de la Porte des Cévennes, La Cave de Saint Maurice and the Vignerons de Souvignargues.
- Today, some fifty winegrowers are already involved in the project (800 hectares)
- Concrete actions: deep soil cultivation, agroforestry, water management in the vineyards, preservation of pollinating insects, collaboration with beekeepers and BeeFriendly experts
This approach, embodied by the Solar6 wines, is accompanied by a programme of promotion and consumer awareness on the shelves and in the region. It has now been rewarded by the 2021 Jury of the LSA Organic Growth Trophies.
About the LSA Organic Growth Awards The magazine LSA, dedicated to news and analysis of trends in commerce, mass distribution and consumption, rewards each year at the LSA Organic Growth Awards the players who contribute to the deployment and growth of organic products and who implement concrete actions in favour of sustainable development. 15 Trophies were awarded in several categories including beverages, groceries and hygiene and beauty.
About Gérard Bertrand Gérard Bertrand is a committed winegrower who is deeply attached to the terroirs of the Languedoc and Roussillon regions. He owns 16 Châteaux and Domaines. Convinced that viticulture in harmony with nature is the best way to produce great wines that reflect all the nuances of their terroir, Gérard Bertrand chose biodynamic viticulture very early on and is now a world leader in this field. He is also developing long-term partnerships to accompany winegrowers who are seeking to change their practices to organic. He is the author of La Nature au Cœur, published by Albin Michel on 6 May 2021.


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