Wine ages better in magnum!

Wine ages better in magnum!

The magnum format: a significant ageing potential

Did you know that a magnum bottle keeps wine better than a classic 75 cl bottle? The reason is simple, it is due to the oxygenation of the wine.

Indeed, although the container is larger for a magnum, the neck is the same size. The oxygenation of the bottle, and the aging of its wine are then done more slowly. Clearly, the larger the size of the bottle, the longer the wine will keep.

A magnum of wine can easily be kept for a special occasion, such as a wedding, a birthday or a birth.

Moreover, opening a magnum bottle is a unique moment of sharing and conviviality that will remain engraved in the minds of all.



Red & White Cigalus

The Cigalus estate was one of the first vineyards in France to be cultivated using Biodynamic methods.

In harmony with nature, the vines produce a complex red wine with a beautiful elegance and roundness. The white wine is mineral, balanced and refreshing.

A magnum of Cigalus has a great ageing potential (20 years) and can be reserved for a happy event.



Aigle Royal

From a vineyard at altitude (500 meters) certified in organic and biodynamic agriculture, the red and white wines "Aigle Royal" deliver fruity aromas and delicate tannins.

In magnum, this wine will keep for the next two decades, waiting for the perfect opportunity.



Forge, Viala & Hospitalitas

These wines are made from plots of vines that have been isolated from the rest of the vineyard because they have exceptional characteristics, whether in terms of geology, exposure to the sun, hygrometry, etc.

The result of this selection is a top-of-the-range terroir wine with a strong character.

In addition, these three magnums are from the 2012 vintage, an exceptional year for great Languedoc wines.

The sale of this exceptional wine is limited to 50 bottles only.



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