Organic month: our commitments to the planet

Organic month: our commitments to the planet

Organic month: respect for biodiversity

May is a great time for the animal and plant world, and it is the ideal time to reinforce our commitment to protecting nature.

On World Biodiversity Day, we are celebrating Organic Month, in order to make as many people as possible aware of the need to change our consumption and production habits!

With this in mind, Gérard Bertrand, a faithful defender and ambassador of environmental preservation, converted the Cigalus estate to biodynamic cultivation in 2002, which represents the ultimate in organic production methods.

Since then, we have continued and accelerated the transformation of our production methods, for a more environmentally friendly viticulture.

Today, Gérard Bertrand is proud to announce that nearly 1000 hectares, spread throughout the Languedoc-Roussillon region, are labelled AB (organic agriculture) and/or Demeter (biodynamic agriculture).

Watch the video presentation of the Gérard Bertrand Group's organic commitments.


Gold & Red Azure
AB - Bee Friendly

Produced according to the standards of organic agriculture, the vines are cultivated with particular attention given to the preservation and protection of pollinating insects.

The fruit is particularly present in this red wine with a beautiful ruby-purple colour. The nose is deep, the flavours are fresh, with a mineral touch.



Gold & Azure Pink
AB - Bee Friendly

A wine with an exceptional pale pink colour with bluish tints, which will evolve with time.

Delivering a beautiful freshness, this balanced and greedy wine offers a very interesting aromatic persistence, with notes of flowers and spices.



Prima Nature Syrah
AB - Vegan - Sulphite Free

This powerful red wine with silky tannins is the result of the unique expertise of Gérard Bertrand and his oenologists in designing a wine without sulphites.

Prima Nature Rouge is a single varietal wine made from Syrah vines, a typical Languedoc grape variety.



Prima Nature Chardonnay
AB - Vegan - Sulphite Free

Generous and greedy, with a nice acidity, Prima Nature White reveals a luminous colour and pure aromas.

Produced from high quality Chardonnay vines, this white wine exalts the true taste of fruit and terroir.



Prima Nature Grenache
AB - Vegan - Sulfite Free

Designed with the greatest respect for the environment, Prima Nature Rosé reveals a silky, intense and fruity wine.

By getting closer to the essentials (the fruit and the terroir), this gourmet rosé offers a unique tasting experience.



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