The Mediterranean spirit in a single bottle

The Mediterranean spirit in a single bottle

Collection Art de Vivre : the Mediterranean spirit embodied in a single bottle

Whether in ancient Greece or Rome, wine has been a drink of many benefits for over 2000 years, accompanying mythological stories, religious rites and festive meals.

The Art de Vivre collection celebrates the origins of Mediterranean wine.

In red or rosé, this atypical wine is simple and elegant, in the purest Mediterranean spirit.

Its original terracotta bottle pays tribute to the first amphorae of antiquity.

Synonymous with sharing, but also with pleasure,Art de Vivre Red is produced from three emblematic grape varieties of the South of France: Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre.

Reduced to its simplest expression, without superfluity or artifice, this tribute allows us to transmit and share, in the present, this ancestral pleasure.

Whether to give or to serve, these two wines will make an original gift, and will not fail to surprise your guests during the service.



Art de Vivre red

This delicate wine with its brilliant ruby red colour is a perfect representation of the elegance of the Mediterranean way of life.

The aromas are reminiscent of red fruits, the palate is round and the tannins are smooth.

The pure pleasure it delivers will delight both oenophiles and neophytes.

Served at 18°C, it is a fine accompaniment to grilled meats and Mediterranean dishes.



Art de Vivre Rosé

This rosé symbolises freshness and joie de vivre with panache.

The pale and brilliant colour reveals a greedy wine with a good balance.

The aromas of flowers and small red fruits develop a beautiful persistence.

Art de Vivre rosé is best served chilled, ideally at 12-13°C. As an aperitif or with a meal, it will accompany starters, fish and grilled white meats.



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